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Электрический ток сегодня

October 5, 2017   

Что такое электрический ток сегодня?

Сегодня многие люди не удовлетворены общепринятым описанием процессов, происходящих в электрической цепи. Это описание основано на модели, в которой электроны (или другие заряды) движутся внутри проводника. Иногда даже представляется, что электроны не двигаются, а толкают друг друга, как в известном «эффекте домино».

Но такое объяснение не правдоподобно. Электроны – это механические частицы, имеющие массу. Они не могут перемещаться или толкать друг друга со скоростью света. Но электрический сигналточно передается со скоростью света.

Если да, то как передается электрическая энергия в проводной системе?

В настоящее время есть еще одно объяснение того, как электрическая энергия передается в проводах. Источник создает разницу потенциалов. Разница потенциалов создаетэлектромагнитное поле. Это поле распространяется вдоль провода по его внешней поверхности со скоростью света. (При этом возникает хорошо известный скин эффект).

Сколько проводов нам нужно для передачи энергии? «Передача электроэнергии требует как минимум двух проводов» – это заявление укоренилось в сознании инженеров уже более 150 лет.Конечно все знают, что любая батарея и любая катушка генератора имеют минимум два терминала. Любая нагрузка для электрической энергии имеет то же минимум два терминала. Поэтомуэлектрическая цепь должна иметь минимум два провода. Но:

  • Хорошоизвестно, что активная энергия не возвращается от нагрузки к источнику. А это значит, что второй канал не нужен.
  • Насамом деле, в течение более 100 лет человечество передает информацию и энергию от передатчика к приемнику с помощью электромагнитного поля – Radio Systems. Здесь мы имеем дело с одним каналом.
  • Еще​​один пример одноканальной системы передачи энергии и информации – волновод, который сегодня широко используется в коммуникационных технологиях.
  • Другимпримером односторонней системы является связь с помощью волоконно-оптических линий.

Предполагая, что активная энергия не возвращается от нагрузки к источнику, мы можем попытаться построить однопроводную электрическую линию. Линия не должна использовать землю дляпередачи энергии от источника к нагрузке. Да и земля не может передавать электрическую энергию.

Всю эту и другую подробную информацию можно найти в книге: “Совсем Другое Электричество, передаваемое с помощью только одного провода »


Modern view of the electric current, nullifier

September 10, 2017   

The book « It Is Quite Another Electricity: Transmitting by One Wire and Without ground » describes the single line method based on new understanding of electrical current and systems. These understandings have been developed in early articles. They include:

  • Electricity it is not a movement of electrons or other chargings
  • Electricity is not a vessel within which there is a flow of a certain object or objects.
  • Active energy does not return to a source, therefore one channel is enough
  • The ground can’t transmit electrical signal on distance more than ten meters, therefore it can’t be a second line
  • The task of grounding is setting potential to zero, so grounding is nullifier
  • Three phase system longer than 30 – 50 km has reactive power
  • For transmitting energy from three phase system by one wire, one can use the same wire, which is used in three phase lines, despite the fact that the current in one wire will be three times higher than the current in each phase

Electrical Jerusalem

July 23, 2017   

Wires in the beautiful city. See: Electrical Jerusalem compr-new

New book about electricity

May 27, 2017   

Dear teachers in the field of electricity and developers of the electrical systems/devices!

Could you please ask your library to buy a book about electricity. It is not expensive even in hardcover. If you do not agree with something, write me, please ( I promise to answer you.

The book is not ordinary. It’s content in many cases unusual and contradicts to what is written in textbooks. I am sure you will enjoy it!

You can buy the book “It Is Quite Another Electricity”, Partridge Publishing, 2017 by link:


Single Electricity Line in Art and in Nature, when one wire is enough

May 6, 2017   

Soon electricity will be another – single line and without a use of ground.   The new book  in 

describes an experimental single-wire system, built in the cactuses of Israel.

Download  this presentation   Single line in art and in Nature (C)

The book “It Is Quite Another Electricity: Transmitting by One Wire and Without Grounding” one can get by link:… 

New printed book about Single wire system

April 3, 2017   

In the publishing house Partridge published the book “It the quite Another Electricity”. The press release this book you can download here:     Press release with pict

To get a copy now press on this link


The Single Line System Michael Bank,when one wire is enough

March 12, 2017   

Single line electric system

Download file:     All posts new 



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Transmitting the electrical energy by one wire, without using ground, without accumulation reactive power and without intermediate stations

July 9, 2016   

In this case drastically reduced line cost and decreased level of losses inherent in three-phase systems. The rationale for this can be found in EBook

“It is Quite Another Electricity – Transmitting by one wire and without grounding”,

by the address:

What is grounding?

June 27, 2016   

There are contradictions in the explanations of processes in grounding systems. In the grounding systems the current enters into the earth. What happened is that at the depth of a few meters it is impossible to find out any traces of this current. Where has it got to? There are many attempts to explain these processes. And all these explanations are different. Some people write that the earth is a huge capacitor. But, first, the capacitor should have the second plate. And, secondly, inside of the capacitor should be dielectric. And the earth cannot be a dielectric. The others explain the processes in grounding as current absorption. But absorption cannot be infinite. Any sponge, when it will be filled with water, will stop it to absorb. There are also other explanations, but all of them cause new questions.

Maybe a grounding that is an antenna actually?

This hypothesis has described in EBook:

Green energy system by single line

June 24, 2016   

The system for gathering wind and sun energy can be building by one wire system.

You can read comparison between normal and future system. See Ebook: