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Miriam Bank, M. Bank, B. Hill, U. Mahlab “OFDMA systems, pilot signals and Doppler effect”, The IUP J. of Telecommunications, 2(2), 2010 (7-13), Doppler, LTE, Special FFT

August 1, 2012   

Download file: 24 IUP OFDMA 2010

M. Bank and M. Ben-Artzi, Scalar conservation laws on a half-line: A parabolic approach. J.Hyp.Diff. Eqs, 7(1), (2010), 165-189

April 24, 2012   

Download file:     paper-scalar-cons-law-a-parabolic-approach1

The Influence of Doppler Effects in HAP-OFDMA System – International Journal of Communications 2011

May 6, 2011   

Download file:    FBS in HAPart

Practical realisation of a raised-cosine filter • Author(s): M. Bank and J. Gavan • Source: Electronics Letters, Volume 32, Issue 5, p. 438 –440

March 4, 2011   

Practical realisation of a raised-cosine filter

Download file: N3

Michael Bank, Miriam Bank, M. Haridim, J. Gavan A simple odd-symmetric filter for digital broadcasting IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, 51(4), 2005 (576-578)

February 1, 2011   

Download file:10 -AF in IEEE

FBS Presentation… OFDMA, Pilots, Doppler, LTE

August 1, 2010   

Download file:  FBS Presentation

M. Bank, Y. Barish, S. Tapuchi, Miriam Bank, B. Hill, M. Haridim, ” Phase diversity method in mobile communication systems”, Int’l. J. of Communications, 6(2), 2012 (64-71).. Doppler Effect in OFDMA

May 1, 2010   

Download file: 27 Phase N 64-71

M. Bank, M. Haridim, B. Hill, Miriam Bank “Wireless mobile communication systems without pilot signals” WSEAS Trans. on Signal Processing, 2(12), 2006 (1592-1595)

April 1, 2010   

Download file: 11 – Venecia Conf

Miriam Bank, M. Bank, M. Haridim, B. Hill OFDMA in high-speed mobile systems, pilots and simulation problems Int’l. J. of Communications, 1(4), 2007 (173-179)

March 1, 2010   

Download file: 15 – OFDMA Journ of Commun

Miriam Bank, Michael Bank, Boris Hill, “Doppler Effect Limiting values in OFDMA cellular systems”, Proceeding of the 2009 International Conference on Wireless Networks. ICWN, Julay, 2009 Las Vegas, CSREA Press

February 1, 2010   

Download file: 17 Las vegas doppler