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Perception of Works of Art

August 8, 2015   

Why one work of art is very impressive, while another leaves
person indifferent? This applies to works of music, painting, sculpture and
architecture. Is there a scientific explanation of this? Maybe the
following idea can explain these phenomena. Eye and ear receive a huge amount of signals. These signals include information  and redundancy. A brain can perceive only a tiny fraction of information. Strong impression is achieved if brain receives signals which carry information rather than redundancy. Redundancy should be and is always there. But it must be such that it can be easily separated from the
information.  This idea is described in more details in the article:  M. Bank, “Redundancy versus Video and Audio Human Perception”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATIONS, Issue 1, Volume 2, 2008. You can download it from:    Red vs Inf


M. Bank. “Redundancy versus Video and Audio Human Perception”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL of COMMUNICATIONS Issue 1, Volume 2, 2008, (1 – 16)…video, audio, autism, compression

August 9, 2012   

Download file:    Red vs Inf

M. Bank “On the ideal compression system for audio and video information” (part 1) Published in CD ROM: Forum Papers ITU Telecom Interactive GenevaSeptember 1997

August 1, 2011   

Download file: N05

M. Bank, A. Taicher, Y. Karabelnik “An objective method for sound quality estimation of compression system” X. Audio Eng. Soc, 4373 L-2, Nov. 1996

May 2, 2011   

Download file: 4

M. Bank, U. Mahlab Hearing system model and sound quality estimation WSEAS Transactions on Acoustics and Music, 1(1), 2004 (34-44)

May 1, 2011   

Download file: 8 Tenerife 0.4