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One-Wire Electrical System, Short Presentation, 50 or 60 Hz and DC 21. 05. 2015

October 2, 2015   

Today it is possible develop and build Single Line Electrical system, instead of three phase system, on frequencies 50 or 60 Hz, without using ground for signal transmitting.

Download file please  B-Line-50-Hz-20.10.2015

Single Line Electrical (SLE) system of Prof. Bank.

September 9, 2015   

Single Line Electrical (SLE) system of Prof. Bank.  Instead of: Single Wire Electricity by Michael Bank



M. Bank, “New One-Way Line for Electric Transmission System” Journal of Energy and Power Engineering, (JEPE) V 6, N 8, August 2012. (1320-1327), …DC, Energy and Power, long line, One wire, Three phase

February 15, 2012   

Download file: 30 Journla of Energy and Power