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Single Electricity Line in Art and in Nature, when one wire is enough

May 6, 2017   

Soon electricity will be another – single line and without a use of ground.   The new book  in 

describes an experimental single-wire system, built in the cactuses of Israel.

Download  this presentation   Single line in art and in Nature (C)

The book “It Is Quite Another Electricity: Transmitting by One Wire and Without Grounding” one can get by link:… 

New printed book about Single wire system

April 3, 2017   

In the publishing house Partridge published the book “It the quite Another Electricity”. The press release this book you can download here:     Press release with pict

To get a copy now press on this link


One-Wire Electrical Line (B-Line for high frequencies)

October 1, 2014   

Download file:   B-Line High Frequency

M. Bank, K. Slupenko, M. Haridim, V. Tsingouz, “Orthogonal MIMO antennas for compact cellular handsets”, Int’l. J. of Communications, 6(2), 2012 (89-97),

June 1, 2008   

Download file: 29 Mimo N 89-97