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Single Electricity Line in Art and in Nature

May 6, 2017   

Soon electricity will be another – single line and without a use of ground.   The new book  in 

describes an experimental single-wire system, built in the cactuses of Israel.

Download  this presentation   Single line in art and in Nature (C)

The book “It Is Quite Another Electricity: Transmitting by One Wire and Without Grounding” one can get by link:… 

Transmitting the electrical energy by one wire, without using ground, without accumulation reactive power and without intermediate stations

July 9, 2016   

In this case drastically reduced line cost and decreased level of losses inherent in three-phase systems. The rationale for this can be found in EBook

“It is Quite Another Electricity – Transmitting by one wire and without grounding”,

by the address:

What is grounding?

June 27, 2016   

There are contradictions in the explanations of processes in grounding systems. In the grounding systems the current enters into the earth. What happened is that at the depth of a few meters it is impossible to find out any traces of this current. Where has it got to? There are many attempts to explain these processes. And all these explanations are different. Some people write that the earth is a huge capacitor. But, first, the capacitor should have the second plate. And, secondly, inside of the capacitor should be dielectric. And the earth cannot be a dielectric. The others explain the processes in grounding as current absorption. But absorption cannot be infinite. Any sponge, when it will be filled with water, will stop it to absorb. There are also other explanations, but all of them cause new questions.

Maybe a grounding that is an antenna actually?

This hypothesis has described in EBook:

Green energy system by single line

June 24, 2016   

The system for gathering wind and sun energy can be building by one wire system.

You can read comparison between normal and future system. See Ebook: 

Three-Phase system disadvantages

June 24, 2016   

The three-Phase system has the following disadvantages:

  • Many expensive wires ( three or four);

  • Large expensive supports for wires;

  • There are intermediate stations sometimes every 30 km;

  • Underground and underwater three phase system are very expensive

  • Strong negative environmental impact;

  • Large number of wire breaks

  • Large energy losses

  • When connecting the load on the different phases, there is a distortion of the phase voltages. In addition to the harm caused by the poor quality electrical power directly to electric receivers, there equalizing currents causing extra power consumption.

Single Line Electricity (SLE) system allows transmit three phase signal by one wire and without these disadvantages – Patent US 9246405.

All this one can read in E book: 



Quite Another Electricity

June 15, 2016   

E book:   “Quite Another Electricity,  transmitting without grounding”

See in 


Другое Электричество

June 10, 2016   

Смотри E book:  Совсем другое электричество, передаваемое одним проводом

Download file from:    SLE Russian 10. 06.16

Дано описание предложенной автором однопроводной системы передачи электроэнергии. Система может работать на любой частоте, включая постоянный ток. Она может быть применена для передачи трехфазного сигнала и для сбора энергии от “зеленых” источников. Подробно описаны проблемы, связанные с обнулением (заземлением) сигнал и передачей энергии , используя подземные и подводные линии. Приведены данные о двух опытных системах.


One-Wire Electrical System, Short Presentation, 50 or 60 Hz and DC 21. 05. 2015

October 2, 2015   

Today it is possible develop and build Single Line Electrical system, instead of three phase system, on frequencies 50 or 60 Hz, without using ground for signal transmitting.

Download file please  B-Line-50-Hz-20.10.2015

Single Line electricity without ground connection

September 20, 2015   

Dear colleagues and friends

You can see now continuation of our previous films about Single Line System (SLE):



Unfortunately this is amateur film.

But it gives answer on one of two most popular objections on single line method. This objection is about ground connection. This film shows that ground cannot transmit electrical signal in real systems.

On second objection: “This is can be never”  I don’t know answer yet


Single Line Electrical (SLE) system of Prof. Bank.

September 9, 2015   

Single Line Electrical (SLE) system of Prof. Bank.  Instead of: Single Wire Electricity by Michael Bank